Not only had she been waiting for the so-called Mr Segun for over thirty minutes, but she was also wasting her precious time and why did the man choose a simple tea shop for the meeting instead of a restaurant? She wondered if he was one of those stingy and ugly rich men that lack respect. She hissed at the mere thought of it.

“Hello, I’m sorry for coming late to the meeting. I was busy at the church”

Sola looked up at the voiced, okay she took back her words. The mam before her was nothing but ugly and did he just say church?

“No problem Sir, I just came some minutes ago” she said smiling at the man before her.

He smiled at her as he took his seat. Sola heart shifted position, she almost fainted at his beautiful and charming smile.

Wait did she just say beautiful? What the hell?

She prayed she would never get to see him again after tonight dinner. Who cares if her stupid boss lose the contract?

“Mr Jonatha told me he was sending his personal assistance. So Mrs…?” He trailed off waiting for her answer.

Did he just say Mrs? Sola looked at her dress. Did she look old?

“Miss Sola Gabriel” she answered him anyway stressing the Miss.

“Alright, Miss Sola Gabriel, why do you think I should sign this deal” he asked her looking serious.

Sola smiled she already had that planned out.

“Mr Segun, I believe and know we cannot meet everybody in the whole world which make finding one soulmate difficult but with the help of the internet and our dating site people do that with ease. There had been testimonies of love from our users” Sola explained.

“So, you believe in soulmates? But to me, the issue of finding one’s soul mate belongs to God but I will sign the deal because I believe you are right about us not being able to meet everyone on earth,” Segun replied her.

If she had to stay a minute here any longer he would skin the man alive. What’s with the twenty questions? Sola thought.

Segun smiled at the lady before her. She was not good at keeping her emotions especially her anger and why was she surprised when he mentioned church. He wished he could waited a little longer but he knew he had to prepare for tomorrow service.

“I have to go now and prepare for tomorrow service since I know you have to do the same” Segun stood up as she did shaking her hands.

“Nice meeting you Sola, I can call you that right?” He asked her seen her nodded, he smiled and said his goodbye to her as he left the tea shop.

“How dare he?” Sola could only conclude that she would never see him again. But, why did she feel that she was deceiving herself? She groaned as she walked out of the shop.

“Stupid handsome gentleman” she murmured silently agreeing that the man was messing with her head.


Segun was meditating on the last week Bible study on being a light of the world when the thought of Sola dropped in his mind. He already signed the deal with her and settled it with her boss. Yet, he couldn’t reason why he had been thinking about her lately. Yes, he was attracted to her but he knew his limit as a Christian. The word be the light to the world stared back at him and he wondered if God was saying something to him.

He shook the feelings off and focus on his studying. He hissed when he remembered that her mother was coming the next day. He rushed to the laundry room. Segun knew his mother so well as a Yoruba woman, his mother disliked dirtiness and been untidy. He groaned at the amount of laundry he needed to do. It was when he was going through his suit so as not to wash important document when he saw an unfamiliar purse.

He instantly remembered that it was the suit he wore to see Sola which only means the purse is for her. It seemed like he had packed it with his file when he was leaving. He dropped the suit and went to call her boss.

“Hello Mr Jonathan, good evening. How can I get hold of your personal assistant…?

“I know you will call back just like every man she met ” Mr Jonathan hissed into the phone. He told him her address and ended the call.

He wrote down her address so he wouldn’t forget.

“That was rude and strange” Segun thought wondering why the man sounded angry about the call and what did he mean by him calling back like other men?

After doing the laundry, he went and took his bath. Humming to a song by Nathaniel Bassey, he dried his body with his towel. He smiled at the memory of the robe he was putting on his mother got the robe for him and printed get a wife to accompany your bed on it. Shaking his head at his mother he went to bed having it in mind that he had to see Sola the next day to return her purse.

To say he was not excited would be a lie, even though he saw her once, he was attracted to her. He would love to be her friend. That was his last thought as he slept off.


“Who could visit at such an hour? I don’t have friends” she said. Laughing at the irony of that, she straightened up to focus on the issue at hand. Picking a knife, she tiptoed to the door when she heard the knock again. She took a deep breath as she opened the door. Nothing could prepare her for who she saw at the door. She stood at the door opening and closing her mouth like a fish not bothering about hiding her surprise.

She planned on eating something before she went to the bar so she wore a flair short dress and went to the kitchen. She was about to cook noodles when someone knocked at the door.

After an exhausted work at office, Sola was getting ready for the bar to have fun as usual. She already had her bath and was searching her wardrobe for any expensive dress that would go with the heels one of her man got for her. The heel was the only reason why she had sex with the man. She had wanted that heel so badly but she couldn’t afford it even though she was well paid by her boss.



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