It was late before he got the chance to visit her. He stared at her as she opened the door. She wore a gown that made her look more naive than before. Seen how surprised she was about his visit, he smiled at her as she opened the door for him.

“You can have your seat, sir,” she said dropping the knife on the table.

“What can I get you?” She asked him.

“Water will do,” he told her and sat on the sofa. She went in and got him a cup of water as she sat opposite him. she was waiting for him to talk.

“Ehm, you forgot your purse the other day. I was about doing the laundry when I saw it so, I decided to bring it to you after calling your boss to ask him for your address” he explained to her. He didn’t know why he was nervous, his mother would have laughed at him if she was here.

“Wow, thank you. It is a purse I got the last time I went to Nigeria. It was an expensive purse, I am grateful it is with you” Sola said.

She was grateful for the purse but she can’t help to feel sad that he was not here for her.

“You are a New Life member?” Segun asked her surprised that they attended the same church.

“I am not a Christian. My mum dropped that when she visited” Sola was angry that her mother dropped the watchword for that year in her house. She would get back to her on this.

“I never know you are a Muslim, you never dressed like one,” He said looking surprised. He would never have guessed she was a Muslim.

“I am neither a Christian nor a Muslim. I don’t believe in God” Sola told him.

Segun smiled at the lady before him. Who would have guess she was this funny? She didn’t return his smile though. Segun was expecting her to say it was a joke but she never did. She even looked more serious about it.

“You are serious?” He didn’t bother to hide his surprise.

“Yes, I am. I don’t believe in God. He was just someone people formed in their mind because they are lonely and I am not lonely.” She told him.

“I am sort of words Sola but I want you to know that God exist. If he didn’t then who made you? Who made the world?” Segun told her. He looked hurt and his heart was breaking over what she had made herself to believe. Is that why he had been having those strange attraction to her? That could only mean God wanted her out of her darkness.

“Don’t tell me stories Segun. If God exists I would have know long ago and if you feel like proving yourself I will let you” she didn’t like his hurt expression and why did he look as if he just found the password to a closed door?

“You want me to proof that God exists?” He asked her looking surprised.

“Yes, I am giving you a month, 30 days to proof to me that God exists. If you are unable to after 30 days, you would have to buy me the latest car in town.” Sola knew he would be playing a lost game. God didn’t exist and she knew it.

“Are you serous?” Segun asked her wanting to be sure he heard her right.

“I am dead serious” she said stretching her hands for a shake.

“Then, you have a deal,” Segun shook her hand a sign that he accepted the deal.

Amidst this, Segun couldn’t helped to think about how soft her hand was in his. Dropping the cup silently on the table, he stood up to say his goodbye.

“Than you for accommodating me,” Segun told her pointing at the cup of water on the table.

“You are welcome. Thanks for returning my purse and for stressing yourself to come here,” She replied him gazing into his eyes for a few minutes.

He smiled at her assuring her that coming there was no trouble for him. Sola walked him to the door and he waved at her as he left her house.

Segun walked to his car, his mind was troubled as he opened the car door. He sat in the car and put his head on the steering.

Why would she said God didn’t exist? She always thought she was a good Christian but he should have knew with the way she looked at him the first time they met when he said he was busy with church. He had been told people who doesn’t believe in God exists but he would never had guessed he would met one in is lifetime. He wouldn’t lie he was worried about the deal.

“How will I prove to her that you exist God? Holy Spirit shows me the way,” he said as he drove to his house, he knew who he served and he had confidence in him. Knowing that the reason why they met was to lead her to the cross, he silently prayed that the Holy Spirit would make a way for him.

She couldn’t shake off the feeling that Segun looked calmer than ever, shouldn’t he be more worried about proofing himself? Though she knew God wasn’t a real being, she couldn’t help but felt she was making a decision that could make or mar her life. Still shaken up with the deal and why she made the deal, she retired to her bed but was unable to sleep until a few hours later.


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