Hello, amazing people,

I haven’t been active for some time now due to my exam. I really don’t like putting you all on hold so I have found a solution to it.

I have decided to create an updating schedule.

Monday: Writeup, poems, stories

Tuesdays: Quote, jokes, gif, etc.

Wednesday: gist with me.

What is gist with me?
Gist with me is me telling you some stuff about me or anything whatsoever and we interact in the comment section. It’s gonna be fun.

Mondays & Tuesdays: 7am/8am(Nigeria time)

Wednesdays: 8 pm (Nigeria time)

I don’t know the time differences for other countries but you can google it.

It starting next week.
If there will be a change, I will inform you.

Thank you.

Mary’s Euphoria Stories.


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