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Mary’s Euphoria Stories.





It was late before he got the chance to visit her. He stared at her as she opened the door. She wore a gown that made her look more naive than before. Seen how surprised she was about his visit, he smiled at her as she opened the door for him.

“You can have your seat, sir,” she said dropping the knife on the table.

“What can I get you?” She asked him.

“Water will do,” he told her and sat on the sofa. She went in and got him a cup of water as she sat opposite him. she was waiting for him to talk.

“Ehm, you forgot your purse the other day. I was about doing the laundry when I saw it so, I decided to bring it to you after calling your boss to ask him for your address” he explained to her. He didn’t know why he was nervous, his mother would have laughed at him if she was here.

“Wow, thank you. It is a purse I got the last time I went to Nigeria. It was an expensive purse, I am grateful it is with you” Sola said.

She was grateful for the purse but she can’t help to feel sad that he was not here for her.

“You are a New Life member?” Segun asked her surprised that they attended the same church.

“I am not a Christian. My mum dropped that when she visited” Sola was angry that her mother dropped the watchword for that year in her house. She would get back to her on this.

“I never know you are a Muslim, you never dressed like one,” He said looking surprised. He would never have guessed she was a Muslim.

“I am neither a Christian nor a Muslim. I don’t believe in God” Sola told him.

Segun smiled at the lady before him. Who would have guess she was this funny? She didn’t return his smile though. Segun was expecting her to say it was a joke but she never did. She even looked more serious about it.

“You are serious?” He didn’t bother to hide his surprise.

“Yes, I am. I don’t believe in God. He was just someone people formed in their mind because they are lonely and I am not lonely.” She told him.

“I am sort of words Sola but I want you to know that God exist. If he didn’t then who made you? Who made the world?” Segun told her. He looked hurt and his heart was breaking over what she had made herself to believe. Is that why he had been having those strange attraction to her? That could only mean God wanted her out of her darkness.

“Don’t tell me stories Segun. If God exists I would have know long ago and if you feel like proving yourself I will let you” she didn’t like his hurt expression and why did he look as if he just found the password to a closed door?

“You want me to proof that God exists?” He asked her looking surprised.

“Yes, I am giving you a month, 30 days to proof to me that God exists. If you are unable to after 30 days, you would have to buy me the latest car in town.” Sola knew he would be playing a lost game. God didn’t exist and she knew it.

“Are you serous?” Segun asked her wanting to be sure he heard her right.

“I am dead serious” she said stretching her hands for a shake.

“Then, you have a deal,” Segun shook her hand a sign that he accepted the deal.

Amidst this, Segun couldn’t helped to think about how soft her hand was in his. Dropping the cup silently on the table, he stood up to say his goodbye.

“Than you for accommodating me,” Segun told her pointing at the cup of water on the table.

“You are welcome. Thanks for returning my purse and for stressing yourself to come here,” She replied him gazing into his eyes for a few minutes.

He smiled at her assuring her that coming there was no trouble for him. Sola walked him to the door and he waved at her as he left her house.

Segun walked to his car, his mind was troubled as he opened the car door. He sat in the car and put his head on the steering.

Why would she said God didn’t exist? She always thought she was a good Christian but he should have knew with the way she looked at him the first time they met when he said he was busy with church. He had been told people who doesn’t believe in God exists but he would never had guessed he would met one in is lifetime. He wouldn’t lie he was worried about the deal.

“How will I prove to her that you exist God? Holy Spirit shows me the way,” he said as he drove to his house, he knew who he served and he had confidence in him. Knowing that the reason why they met was to lead her to the cross, he silently prayed that the Holy Spirit would make a way for him.

She couldn’t shake off the feeling that Segun looked calmer than ever, shouldn’t he be more worried about proofing himself? Though she knew God wasn’t a real being, she couldn’t help but felt she was making a decision that could make or mar her life. Still shaken up with the deal and why she made the deal, she retired to her bed but was unable to sleep until a few hours later.




Not only had she been waiting for the so-called Mr Segun for over thirty minutes, but she was also wasting her precious time and why did the man choose a simple tea shop for the meeting instead of a restaurant? She wondered if he was one of those stingy and ugly rich men that lack respect. She hissed at the mere thought of it.

“Hello, I’m sorry for coming late to the meeting. I was busy at the church”

Sola looked up at the voiced, okay she took back her words. The mam before her was nothing but ugly and did he just say church?

“No problem Sir, I just came some minutes ago” she said smiling at the man before her.

He smiled at her as he took his seat. Sola heart shifted position, she almost fainted at his beautiful and charming smile.

Wait did she just say beautiful? What the hell?

She prayed she would never get to see him again after tonight dinner. Who cares if her stupid boss lose the contract?

“Mr Jonatha told me he was sending his personal assistance. So Mrs…?” He trailed off waiting for her answer.

Did he just say Mrs? Sola looked at her dress. Did she look old?

“Miss Sola Gabriel” she answered him anyway stressing the Miss.

“Alright, Miss Sola Gabriel, why do you think I should sign this deal” he asked her looking serious.

Sola smiled she already had that planned out.

“Mr Segun, I believe and know we cannot meet everybody in the whole world which make finding one soulmate difficult but with the help of the internet and our dating site people do that with ease. There had been testimonies of love from our users” Sola explained.

“So, you believe in soulmates? But to me, the issue of finding one’s soul mate belongs to God but I will sign the deal because I believe you are right about us not being able to meet everyone on earth,” Segun replied her.

If she had to stay a minute here any longer he would skin the man alive. What’s with the twenty questions? Sola thought.

Segun smiled at the lady before her. She was not good at keeping her emotions especially her anger and why was she surprised when he mentioned church. He wished he could waited a little longer but he knew he had to prepare for tomorrow service.

“I have to go now and prepare for tomorrow service since I know you have to do the same” Segun stood up as she did shaking her hands.

“Nice meeting you Sola, I can call you that right?” He asked her seen her nodded, he smiled and said his goodbye to her as he left the tea shop.

“How dare he?” Sola could only conclude that she would never see him again. But, why did she feel that she was deceiving herself? She groaned as she walked out of the shop.

“Stupid handsome gentleman” she murmured silently agreeing that the man was messing with her head.


Segun was meditating on the last week Bible study on being a light of the world when the thought of Sola dropped in his mind. He already signed the deal with her and settled it with her boss. Yet, he couldn’t reason why he had been thinking about her lately. Yes, he was attracted to her but he knew his limit as a Christian. The word be the light to the world stared back at him and he wondered if God was saying something to him.

He shook the feelings off and focus on his studying. He hissed when he remembered that her mother was coming the next day. He rushed to the laundry room. Segun knew his mother so well as a Yoruba woman, his mother disliked dirtiness and been untidy. He groaned at the amount of laundry he needed to do. It was when he was going through his suit so as not to wash important document when he saw an unfamiliar purse.

He instantly remembered that it was the suit he wore to see Sola which only means the purse is for her. It seemed like he had packed it with his file when he was leaving. He dropped the suit and went to call her boss.

“Hello Mr Jonathan, good evening. How can I get hold of your personal assistant…?

“I know you will call back just like every man she met ” Mr Jonathan hissed into the phone. He told him her address and ended the call.

He wrote down her address so he wouldn’t forget.

“That was rude and strange” Segun thought wondering why the man sounded angry about the call and what did he mean by him calling back like other men?

After doing the laundry, he went and took his bath. Humming to a song by Nathaniel Bassey, he dried his body with his towel. He smiled at the memory of the robe he was putting on his mother got the robe for him and printed get a wife to accompany your bed on it. Shaking his head at his mother he went to bed having it in mind that he had to see Sola the next day to return her purse.

To say he was not excited would be a lie, even though he saw her once, he was attracted to her. He would love to be her friend. That was his last thought as he slept off.


“Who could visit at such an hour? I don’t have friends” she said. Laughing at the irony of that, she straightened up to focus on the issue at hand. Picking a knife, she tiptoed to the door when she heard the knock again. She took a deep breath as she opened the door. Nothing could prepare her for who she saw at the door. She stood at the door opening and closing her mouth like a fish not bothering about hiding her surprise.

She planned on eating something before she went to the bar so she wore a flair short dress and went to the kitchen. She was about to cook noodles when someone knocked at the door.

After an exhausted work at office, Sola was getting ready for the bar to have fun as usual. She already had her bath and was searching her wardrobe for any expensive dress that would go with the heels one of her man got for her. The heel was the only reason why she had sex with the man. She had wanted that heel so badly but she couldn’t afford it even though she was well paid by her boss.




They stared at her as she entered the club, she smiled knowing the power she had over them as a beautiful woman. The dress she wore clung to her like a second skin leaving nothing less to imagine. They wondered who the lucky guy that would take her home would be. Sola Gabriel was a regular at The Dark Club. She never missed a day without coming to the club except on Sundays and that was because she stated it as her resting day.

“I see you are catching the attention of those poor men as always” Tobi, the bartender said shaking his head at her as he served her a cup of vodka.

“Well, it’s not my fault they can’t keep their eyes off me,” She said sitting down on the stool as she drank her drink.

Tobi shook his head smirking at the girl before him. “She will never change,” he thought.

Sola Gabriel was an epitome of beauty, she was a slim lady without the natural curves and big breast yet, she was what every man wished he could have. Her natural hair compliment her dark eyeball, she has long hair which never gives her any problem when styling. She wouldn’t need any artificial lashes because she already has more than enough that was also another thing that made her looked like the beauty she was. Any man will fall at her feet if she batted her lashes it made her looked cute and innocent, something she wasn’t.

She had already drunk four cups of strong alcohol when someone dragged the chair next to hers. She kept quiet knowing the drill. She knew he wanted to test his luck with her and since tomorrow was Sunday, maybe she would have mercy on the poor guy and satisfied his needs.

“Hello Angel”

Sola looked at the source of the voice. He was not bad in look. She looked at his body muscles and smiled to herself. Even though she was too drunk to move and the safest thing was to go home, she couldn’t do that couldn’t live without sex for two days in a row.

“Is that the only thing you could come up with to woo a lady to your bed?” Sola asked him, she tried pointing at him but she couldn’t. The evidence that she was drunk and should probably go home for safety reasons but she was stubborn.

“At least I tried. You are drunk” The man said stating the obvious.

Sola never liked pleasantries so she did the job for him.

“Mine or yours?” She asked standing up and almost fall as the man rushed to hold her.

“Mine,” the man said as he led her out of the bar.

The bartender stared at them as they left looking around the bar, he noticed the envy and anger in some men eyes. They have lost the game tonight.

“Another time,” he said, saying the thing in all the men’s heart.

She hated the headache that comes with drinking, if only she could drink without having that killer headache afterwards she would do anything to achieve it. She looked around her. She was in her room, her gown was torn into two and she knew she would miss that gown. It was expensive and sexy just the way she liked her clothes. She smiled to herself even though she didn’t remember how she got home yesterday she was grateful she was alive. Standing up from her bed was harder than she thought. She wouldn’t be so surprised if she died of a headache. She crawled to the wardrobe beside her bed. After taking some pain reliever, she crawled to her bed and slept off.

Sola liked Mondays not because she loved her job but because it means another week of fun. She smiled and waved at her colleagues as she walked into the building. Cupid Enterprise was one of the world known country, an internet-based company that set up dates for the singles who felt that they were helpless when it comes to love.
To say the truth, Sola had set herself up on some dates in the past and that could cost her her job but she knew her stupid boss will never sack her.

She hissed as she remembered her boss. He had been hitting on her for months now and she would have said yes if not for the fact that she already slept with her boss’s friend. That was how she got the job in the first place. She laughed at the memory but frown remembering how her boss had been given her more work than usual.

“Miss Gabriel, the boss wants to see you immediately,” the secretary told her, nodding her head, she waved her off and stood up to see her bossy boss.

She entered his office shaking her lashes looking innocent as usual she smiled as the man shifted in his seat and cleared his throat.

“Miss Gabriel, Mr Segun called a few days ago demanding for a meeting with us so we can clear the business deal. He said he will be available this weekend on Saturday for dinner but the problem is I won’t be around I have a date with my girlfriend and I can’t cancel it so you will be the one going” her boss said smirking at her at the mention of his girlfriend.

Sola smiled knowing the man wanted her to feel jealous as if she would but, that was the least of her problem. For starter, she would miss sex for two days straight and also had to withstand a spoilt arrogant rich man. She felt like slapping the smirk off his face but all she did was give him a smile that she knew would have the man shifting in his chair. She left his office still smiling it was only when she got to her office that she started cursing the man.

“Stupid man”


“Arrogant loser”


She smiled at the irony of calling her boss a slut when she herself was no better. She better ordered a new dress on Amazon, expensive and sexy just the way she loved it.
She was into sending emails and receiving calls when her phone rang. Looking at the screen, she saw her mother calling her frowning, she cut the call. She switched it of when the phone continue ringing.

On her way home from work, she thought of the call from her mother. She hadn’t called her in months. She blinked away the tears.

“Don’t go there,” she said to herself as she drove to her house.




(Short Story by Adebayo Mary)


Sometimes, I hate my work, my boss and coming home every day feeling tired and stressed but I do love my job.

I dropped my bag on the table as I didn’t feel like taking it in. I couldn’t even feel my legs. If you are a personal assistant to the she-devil, you will probably understand.

I sluggishly walked into my room, removed my dress and went into the bathroom to take my bath. I walked out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and a little bit active.

The sound of my phone ringing in the silent house made me shivered in fear. I hissed when I remembered my phone was in my bag. I was already feeling lazy about walking to the sitting room but I had to.

I smiled when I saw the name on the screen.

“Hi Tom” I smiled and sat on the cushion with my leg on it. I just feel comfortable sitting like that.

“Hi Mary, sorry for disturbing you. I know you must be tired” he said probably feeling guilty. That’s Tom for you. He knew me like the back of his hand.

“It’s no big deal. Hope no problem?” I asked knowing he doesn’t like late calls.

“Not really. Can you come to my house tomorrow?” He asked. I mentally checked if I have an appointment remembering none I nodded and then remembered he couldn’t see me.

“Sure. I will be there” I said expecting him to cut the call.

“Hmmm… Mary?” Tom called.

“Yes?” I asked he sounded nervous.

“Make sure you dress nicely,” he said. Wait for what?

“Hmmm….okay,” I said and dropped the call even though I was a little bit confused about his behavior. I always dress nicely and he knew it so why would he tell me to dress nicely?

What if he had a surprise for me?


What if it’s just a sleepover? No, he wouldn’t tell me to dress nicely. He can only say that if it ……


He wouldn’t have told me to dress nicely any other day. Getting excited, I stood up as I nervously walked around the sitting room. I felt like crying and laughing at the same time. Somebody wake me up. Is this a dream?

I picked up my phone and call the only person I knew will always know what to do.

“Hello Ella” I met Ella in college and since then we have been best of friends. She knew every of my secret including my love for Tom.

“Hi, girl. Hope no problem? This one that you called this late” she said and I heard something fall. She worked for a publishing company as a writer.

“Guess what?” I told her as I started jumping on my chair. Yes, I was excited. I know I should be matured at 25 but I am just so nervous.

“You won a lottery?” Ella said not bothering to think about it.

“No, why will I get involve in betting?” I sighed.

“So tell me. What’s the gist?” She asked.

“Tom called” I shouted and I can imagine her rolling her eyes.

“Is that a new thing?” She asked. God, this girl is something else.

“He asked me to come to his place and dress nicely” I shouted.

“Oh my, he finally got the courage to ask you out. I’m happy for you girl but don’t damage my ears” she said laughing at my giggles.

“When is the date?” She asked and I remembered I didn’t ask.

“He didn’t tell. Probably at our usual time” I told her.

“Yes! I am coming to dress you up then. Need to go, see you tomorrow” she said.

“Okay, see you. I am so excited” I said and we both laughed as she dropped the call.

Never would I have guessed that this day will come. I am so excited and happy. It was a dream come true.


“I’m not wearing that revealing dress. He asked me to dress nicely not slutty,” I said as I stared at the dress Ella choose for me.

“Come on grow up. You are 25 for God sake” she said glaring at me.

“I’m still not wearing it,” I said ignoring her as I checked my closet for another dress.

“If you wear it, I will go on a date with Jimmy,” she said and I gaped at her. Jimmy was this guy who had been asking her out for months but she wouldn’t budge. Ella had been heartbroken so many times that she grew to had hatred for men.

“Bribery!!! Fine” I groaned knowing I couldn’t say no to this. She laughed as she jumped around but I could see she didn’t want to meet Jimmy.

“Ella, you don’t have to go on a date with Jimmy if you don’t want to,” I told her.

“I think it’s time I let go of the past and move on. I should go. Put the dress on,” she said smiling and I nodded.

“Wow!!! You look beautiful he won’t be able to keep his hands to himself,” she said and I blushed.

“Yea, the dress is nice,” I said as I stared at the gown in the mirror. It was really beautiful.

“Not only the dress, you, Mary, but you also look amazing. I have to go. Wish you luck” Ella said and I nodded. Though I missed seeing her every day, I am happy she was doing what she loves.

“Don’t forget to call me when you return?” she said and fake a glare.

“Okay. Thank you, bye” I said and she nodded as she rushed out. I looked at the mirror once again and I really love myself.

I picked my clutch and walked out of the house since I was driving to his place not that I care that he didn’t pick me up.


“Mary, thanks for coming. It really means a lot,” Tom was wearing a blue suit, my favorite color with a white tie and black shoe. I couldn’t help staring at him. He is handsome. I love is black curly hair, his eyes were looking at me with love and admiration.

“You are welcome,” I said and smiled at him. I almost fainted when he returned the smile.

“Have you sit?” he said pointing at the cushion. I nodded as I sat down. Looking around, there were no flowers nor roses but it felt perfect.

“How are work and everything?” He asked looking deep into my eyes.

“Work is fine and I am too,” I told him and he nodded.

“So, why am I here?” I asked. I didn’t want to be too forward but I couldn’t help it.

“Nothing much. Let’s have dinner first,” he said and stood up gesturing for me to go first. We both walked to the dining and sat opposite each other.

“You already set the dinning?” I asked when I saw the covered plates and cutlery.

“Yes, I want everything to be perfect,” he said and my heart skipped a bit. I opened the plate but nothing could prepare me for what I found.

“Oh my God, Tom” I felt like crying. The ring was simple but beautiful and it is perfect. Tom smiled and knelt down.

“I have waited for the right time and the right moment to tell you this. Mary, ever since I’ve met you as a kid, I have always known you are mine. I am just so happy I get this chance today. You are an amazing woman and any man who has the opportunity to be your husband is the best man. Will you do me the favor of making me your husband?” He stared and I couldn’t help the tears as they flew.

“Yes!!! Yes!! Yes!!!” I shouted.

“She said yes!!!” Tom shouted and I laughed as he hugged me. I was a little bit surprised when he stood up and walked to the sitting room without putting the ring on my finger but I followed him.

“I know you are happy Tom but you need to put the ring on my finger?” I said laughing at his excitement.

“Ring? Why will I give you the ring?” He said looking genuine confused.

“What do you mean? I said yes” I said reminding him.

“But I don’t know if she will” he answered. What is he saying?

“What? Who?” I asked looking confused.

“The girl I love” he answered looking at me as if I should understand. Is this a joke? Where is the camera?

“The girl you love? That’s me” I told him smiling but I couldn’t feel my smile. I was getting a little bit afraid and nervous. He started laughing, hard.

“Come on Mary. You know I was only kidding” he answered in between laughter.

“Kidding? Tom, what are you saying?” I asked as I tried to understand what is happening. What did he mean by kidding?

“That’s a practice about what I will tell Emily, my girlfriend. Sorry for not telling you earlier but I felt it won’t look real” he said and smiled at me as if I am dumb for not catching on. My whole world just collapsed and he was smiling? Practice? Are…..What?

“Why do you look so surprised?” He asked. Who is this and where is Tom? If this is real then my world is crumbling down. I could feel my heart breaking. Squeezing in pain.

“You mean this is all a rehearsal on how to propose to your girlfriend and not me?” I asked him.

“Come on Mary. Why are you making this a big deal? I made real dinner are you sleeping over?” he asked as he sat on the cushion. What he could think about is food? Did I give him that view of being a glutton?

Keeping the tears at bay, I picked up my clutch which suddenly felt too heavy.

“No, I have to go see someone. Sorry, I need to go” I said as I walked to the door.

“Oh.. Okay. Do you think Emily will say yes?” He asked and the first tear dropped. Thank God I was facing the door.

“I don’t know Tom, Goodbye,” I said and rushed out of the house.

I didn’t bother to stop the tears. It all felt unreal, unsure.

I was so stupid.

I was really stupid.

I dressed up for nothing, nothing.

I felt so used, alone and betrayed.

Anger rushed through my veins as I packed the car. I dropped my bag in the sitting room and walked to the kitchen. Chocolate, wine, sugar and Ice-cream even fluffy my teddy bear joined me on the bed as I cried. I picked my phone and called the only person I could call mine.

“Hello, Mary. Why are you back so early?” Ella asked.

“Ella….he …..” I couldn’t finish my statement as I sobbed.

“Oh my God!!! I’m on my way to your place” she said and cut the call.


Ella rushed into my room and hugged me.

“Calm down. Breathe” she said as I sobbed.

“He used me!! I feel so used Ella” I said crying. She didn’t stop patting my back as I sobbed.

“Hey, it’s okay. You can tell me what happened when you calm down” she said and I nodded. After I calmed down, I used a tissue and she patiently waited.

“I got to his house and he proposed….” She stopped me from talking.

“Wow!!! That’s good news. You got me worried girl” she said smiling and I wished it was the truth.

“No Ella. He said he was practicing how to propose to his girlfriend” I said sobbing.

“Wait. What? He said what?” She shouted and I nodded.

“He said he was practicing. He even said it to my face that he loves her” saying it brought a fresh set of tears to my face.

“Oh my God. Practicing? I will kill him” she shouted looking angry.

“Don’t mind him. He is a bastard” she said hugging me when she saw the tears.

“I am really hurt. I thought he loves me” I said, it hurt.

“He isn’t worth it. If he does he wouldn’t have done that” Ella said and I shake my head.

“But….” I started but she cut me off.

“No, but Mary. He isn’t a responsible guy. Who practice with other people’s emotions?” Ella asked.

“He said….” I started again.

“No matter what he said Mary he isn’t right. Apart from that, you are an amazing and beautiful lady. I always feel you can do more better than him” she answered.

“I love him, Ella,” I said. Saying that hurt me. It felt like I was admitting defeat. How could he do this to me?

“No, you don’t. You are just in love with the fact that you love him” Ella said.

“No Ella, I really do love him,” I told her. I really love him.

“Maybe. But the truth is he isn’t worth it. Mary trust me a nice guy who will care for your emotions will come” she said as she sat on the bed.

“How? When?” I asked feeling hopeless.

“In the right moment at the right time,” Ella said. But.


“And when he comes, he will cherish your emotions,” she said cutting me off.

“Are you sure?” I asked as I looked at her.

“Yes, I am very sure. So smile for me because you are now on the path to waiting for the right man” she said and I smiled.

“Will I get over Tom?” I asked what was my fear.

“When the right guy comes, you will. You deserve the best” Ella said and I nodded.

“Yes, I do,” I said smiling.

“That is the spirit girl” Ella shouted as she picked chocolate.

“Thank you, Ella,” I said and gave her a genuine smile.

“You are welcome dear Friend,” she said with her mouth full and I giggled.

“Cheers to all ladies like me,” I said raising the chocolate bar and she did the same.

“For strength and future Love,” I said.

“Future love indeed” Ella said and we hugged.


So many ladies have had their heart broken simply because they didn’t define their relationship. Some look up to a guy who is already planning his wedding as their husband patiently waiting for the right time he will propose.
Some get involved with a married man only to end up as a single mother.
Some go as far as doing the wife’s duty. Yet, they always need chocolate and a box of tissue.
What do you expect? That he will leave his family for you?
That he will propose to you when he hasn’t asked you out?
That you are now his wife when he hasn’t married you legally?
That you are now a Mrs just because you have sex?
You are deceiving yourself and you need to start thinking of what that relationship is all about before you end up like Mary.
W, women,n need to be wise and accept reality. A man who is not yours can never be yours.
Close your eyes, relax, and redefine all your relationships.
Be wise today.



My First Blog Post

You will never know how good you are until you do that thing you are afraid to do.

— Mary’s euphoria.

This is the first post on my new blog. There is something I love doing and that is writing. Creating a blog is a huge step but I’m not giving up. I will be posting the story every day so look forward to them. Poems, quotes, and article will be updated anytime. I’m just getting this new blog going so, I need your support. Remember to follow me so as not to miss any update.

Thank you.


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